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  • Data Entry Operations: We can manage a wide range of online as well as offline data entry operations. We can manage textual, numeric as well as alphanumeric data. We offer data entry services for dictionaries, manuals, encyclopedia, surveys, questionnaires, company reports, index cards, market research tabulations, payroll services, airway bill entries, among others.
  • Bulk Data Processing Operations: We offer large volume data processing along with formatting and structuring of data like creation of mailing lists, etc. Our mass volume data processing solutions include document and database management offers database creation, database structuring, database updation and retrieval, among others.
  • Data Conversion Operations: We can undertake a variety of data conversion services such as document conversion, Indexing, Archiving, E-book / PDF conversion. We can also provide service for wide range of input and output formats including, Excel worksheets.
  • Forms Processing: We can create a structured database from your forms through our data capture, conversion, processing and indexing services. We offer forms processing services in many areas including, Credit Card Processing, Insurance Claims Processing, Market Research forms entry, Survey Forms Processing, among others.